Look, when you have a hole in your soul the size of Texas it needs to be filled.   When you lose a child, a spouse, a parent, it crushes you.   It takes time to recover.  It takes love to recover.   When I lost my child, I knew instantly what it would take to make things better, I had to get a dog.  Now, some people are pig people, some are cat people.  Me……well give me a slobbery, always happy to see me, dead squirrel breath smelling dog, and I smile.   ( Well we can do without the bad breath!).

Let me introduce you to Rafael de Paula.  A big name for a medium sized dog.  His namesake is a famous Spanish Bullfighter.  They both hail from Cádiz, the south of Spain.  They both speak Spanish.

This dog has not saved my life, but he has saved my soul.  He makes my life brighter.  He gives me purpose and makes me laugh.  When I’m down, he licks my face.  When we walk together he looks up at me as if to say, “now this is fun!”  He is the definition of joy to me.   Does he fill the void of the son I lost? ……….no.  Does he come damn close? …………..yes.

It’s love, pure, unconditional love.  Whether you find it in nature, or in a person, or in a pet, it’s what you need to make the pain drift away.    Before you know it, you’ve forgotten what you were so sad about.  Worked for me.


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